Behind the scenes heroes

What does it take to run a Compassion project?

From cook to accountant, pastor to tutor, it takes a community to run a Compassion project. Here, 9 project workers in Togo share their experiences in ministering to the children in their community.

Be inspired by these amazing people who give so much to empower the next generation.

Solange, Accountant

Solange Lawson-Lavi

“I am the project accountant, but the most rewarding part of the job is when the kids have problems and they come to us, because we are here to help them.”

Justin, Project Coordinator

Justin Amegnibo

“My advice to other project coordinators is to remember that this is not a regular job. You are a minster of God and you should keep in mind that you are not just doing it for the children you are doing it for the Lord.”

Bomboma, Pastor

Bomboma Soguibe

“You see those children there? There are pastors among them, great evangelists among them. So children’s ministry is important and I do not joke about it because if we miss ministry to children, so we miss all the ministry.”

Nicholas, Healthcare Specialist


“Sometimes I’ll ask the children what they want to be when they grow up. And they say, “I want to become a doctor.” So I ask them why. And they tell me that every time they see me show up, wearing my white coat, they feel like they can be successful too.”

Sanyo, Project Director

Sanyo Adjovi

"This playground helps children to blossom. We wanted to find something that would enable them to have fun, apart from the lessons. I wish you could see how much the children love the playground. It’s very important to work with children … I always ask my volunteers, “In 10 years, what will be the impact of our work in the lives of these children?”

Fabrice, Tutor

Fabrice Adakanou

“This project has done a lot in the life of the children in the community. I think that without this project, most of our kids in the community would not have food and some wouldn’t have a place to sleep. Today, when I see the children, they shout, “Teacher! Teacher! Teacher!” even though I do not give them money, they listen. I teach them here and they shout my name and greet me.”

Aklombessi, Pastor

Aklombessi Koffi

“Pastors, until Jesus comes back, let’s keep saving as many lives as we can. That’s all that matters. Never give up. Every moment you spend in front of the Lord is not in vain.”

Agent, Project Director/Coordinator

Agent de Sante

“The kids who come to church here don’t get the nutrition they need at home. This is the place where they get it. Some of the children will only eat half of their food so they can take it home and share with their brother or sister. It’s important for kids to get nutrition.”

WORDS : Corinna Stubbs, Ryan Johnson, Bernard Gbagba

PHOTOS : Ben Adams


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It's a great work being done here and I'm sure the LORD will bless abundantly.
8 April 2017 |  Author : peter oliver
Article Comments



It's a great work being done here and I'm sure the LORD will bless abundantly.
8 April 2017 |  Author : peter oliver
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