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It’s a Saturday, the main project day in Rwanda and there’s a rush of excitement as children hurry to find their seats in classrooms across the country. For the children in these 11 projects in the southern province, getting a seat is particularly important.

At the moment the staff borrow benches and desks from local schools or churches. If these run out, they improvise with long logs brought in from the playground to create extra seating. As one project director explained, “We used the classrooms and desks of a public school far from the project. When we built our own classroom but we didn’t have any more funds to furnish them. We needed classroom desks so that our children could stop using church benches while they study.”

Thanks to the generosity of one sponsor who left Compassion money in a Will, desks are currently being constructed for 2,877 children, across the 11 projects. The new desks, to be installed later this month, will transform the project classrooms, creating a better learning environment for the children. Sitting on a bench means they currently slouch over their work, whilst struggling to balance their books on their knees. This has a huge impact on posture, handwriting and concentration levels.

Rwandan children outside church

The new desks have a proper back support and a drawer where they can safely store their pens, pencils and exercise books. Made by local carpenters, they're also supporting the local economy. The local craftsmanship means these desks will be sturdy - providing children for generations to come with a place to do their homework, practice their handwriting and have fun with craft activities.

What an incredible legacy to leave. A gift that now lives on through thousands of children who have a safe and comfortable learning environment where they can fulfil their God-given potential.

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WORDS : Emily Laramy

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