Inspiring Dorset couple return from visiting 8 children they support in Ghana

Inspiring Dorset couple return from visiting 8 children they support in Ghana

Robin and Elizabeth Grey have just returned from Ghana where they met the eight teenagers they have been sponsoring since childhood through child development charity, Compassion UK.

The couple from Ringwood started sponsoring seven children in 2009: Cecillia, Penelle, Hannah, Enoch, Naomi, Bright and Augustina, and then Frederick in 2012. For the last five years the Greys have made an annual trip to Ghana to meet the group ranging from 13-16 years old.

“Our neighbour told us about Compassion. We knew we wanted to support children who didn’t have much. She showed us the letters from her sponsored children and we loved how personal it was so decided to sponsor ourselves, it’s been such a blessing to be part of the children’s lives,” explains 66-year-old Elizabeth.

“We now make the visit every year to show that we care about them and that we are deeply interested in their lives. The children have all shot up, especially Hannah, 14 who was by far the shortest last time we saw her. I didn’t know children could grow so much in just over a year!” shares Elizabeth.

“We got to visit Cecillia in her family home and it was lovely to meet her mother, stepfather and siblings, they made us feel so welcome. I was shocked to see they all live in one room with one very thin mattress on the floor which they all have to sleep on. Despite this they take real pride in their home, everyone removes their shoes upon entering,” reflects Elizabeth.

16-year-old Cecillia lives in the coastal community of Apam, 52 kilometres east of Cape Coast. Typically houses are constructed of cement floors, brick walls and tin roofs. Most adults in Apam work as fishermen and earn the equivalent just over £23 per month.

“It’s amazing to see how each child has developed and grown in confidence over the years. Through the projects, they have been equipped with so many skills and given the opportunity to develop their own gifts and passions. We found out that Cecillia has now completed school and will be training as a hairdresser and beautician, I am so happy she is following her dreams,” reflects Robin, a 67-year-old Managing Director.

In Ghana, basic education for school-aged children is free but parents still need to pay for meals, transportation and uniforms, which can be a struggle for those living in poverty. Classrooms can be overcrowded and there is often a lack of well-trained teachers, teaching resources and adequate school facilities.

The Grey’s sponsorship enables the children to be part of their local Compassion project where they receive nutritious meals, emotional support, medical attention and the chance to get a good quality education.

“I would advise anyone who is thinking of sponsoring to just do it! Why wait, when a child and their family could benefit from your support? On our first visit to meet our children, the father one of the girls came along, as he was so amazed that someone who had never met his daughter and lived so far away would want to help her. It means more than we can imagine having someone from far away care about you,” the couple conclude.

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