Chichester residents travel to Uganda to visit sponsored child

Chichester residents travel to Uganda to visit sponsored child

Peter and Pauline Sutton from Chichester have just returned from Uganda where they met 13-year-old David, the child they have been sponsoring for six years through child development charity, Compassion UK.

“Meeting David was an amazing and emotional experience, it was wonderful to see where he lives and meet his extended family,” reflects 67-year-old Pauline, a retired nurse. “We were also very impressed by the love, care and support he was receiving from the Compassion team,” adds 63-year-old Peter.

David lives on the plains of Kidongole, northwest of Mbale in eastern Uganda. Typically houses are constructed of dirt floors, mud walls and thatched roofs. David lives under the care of his father, stepmother and siblings and they depend on subsistence farming. Most adults in the area are unemployed but some work as farmers and earn the equivalent of around £10 per month.

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“We wanted to show David our support and especially encourage him in his studies, as he finds reading difficult,” Peter shares. “The Compassion staff have played a big role in building his confidence. He now has a tremendous sense of belonging and feels safe and secure. He is being nurtured in a caring environment where he receives the educational and spiritual support to grow into a responsible young man. ”

In most parts of Uganda, education is encouraged and viewed as important, indicated by the government making the first two years of secondary education free. However large classes of up to 75 children are common, which along with a lack of teaching resources and equipment for the classrooms, often leads to poor quality schooling.

Peter and Pauline’s sponsorship enables David to be part of his local Compassion project where he receives nutritious meals, emotional support, medical attention and the chance to get a good quality education.

Since returning to the UK, the Suttons feel passionate about encouraging others to sponsor a child just like David. “It’s a life changing experience for both you and the child, our support has enabled David to have aspirations for the future as he grows into a young man.”

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