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children's mental health week

5 children to pray for following Mental Health Awareness Week

Take a moment to pray for children facing mental health issues amidst the vulnerability of poverty. In many of the countries where we sponsor children, mental health problems can be misunderstood and stigmatised. Accessing mental health services can be near impossible. Our project staff members work tirelessly to help children and families, providing support and making a way for those impacted to find professional help. 

Pray for children around the world affected by mental health challenges

  • Lift up Catherine from Kenya who is mentally ill but her mum is struggling to understand.
  • Remember 17-year-old Augustin from Haiti in your prayers. Please pray that doctors would find the right treatment for him.
  • Pray for Wander and Ashley’s mother, Wendy, who is suffering from schizophrenia. Pray for peace and provision for the whole family. 
  • Pray for Solomon and his mum. Solomon is having a difficult time - project staff are worried about him as he's regularly missing school and project activities. His mum is suffering from mental illness and is struggling to support him. 

Pray for mental health awareness around the world

Father God, we pray for kids around the world who are affected by mental health issues. We pray no child would feel stigmatised or alone because of mental health. We pray particularly for the world's most vulnerable children who face mental health issues as well as the day to day battles of poverty. We thank you for our church partners and Compassion project workers who support children like Catherine, Augustin, Wander, Ashley and Solomon. 


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