flooding in Philippines

Help For Families Fleeing Monsoon Terror

Pastor Dennis Magbanua, a Compassion project child development worker, was one of the first people to respond when monsoon rains flooded San Enrique and forced families to flee for their lives. Charged with the care of several Compassion-assisted children and their families, Pastor Dennis ensured that all of them were safe.

“People stopped me from going farther because they said the entire area was already neck-deep in water. I saw that the rice paddies looked like the sea,” he remembers.

All 368 children at the project where Pastor Dennis works were affected in one way or another. Those living nearer the sea were the worst hit. Jonalyn Molleno and Ruela her five-month old baby are part of Compassion’s Survival project and live only a few metres from the sea as Jonalyn’s husband is a fisherman.

mother and child by sea

“It only takes strong winds to get us panicking, even without any rain or typhoon, I’m just worried every time, especially for my baby,” she says.”I’m happy that the church and Compassion are here to help us.”

The Philippines regularly experience significant flooding, anticipating up to 20 typhoons a year. However, this year’s flooding has been as bad as the devastating floods of 2012 when more than 22 Compassion projects were flooded. Brought about by heavy rains, poor drainage, clogged sewers, exposed mountainsides and rising sea levels the flooding is, in some areas, now permanent.

Because of this, Compassion works hard with the government, emergency response teams and other non-government organisations to provide relief goods, giving out medicines and clean water thanks to Stability Intervention funding. We also coordinate with the local government to ensure families get the help they need, supporting house repairs and construction where necessary and ensuring that every child is accounted for and safe.

Philippines project

“My father couldn’t work for three days, so it was the relief goods we received that sustained us,” explains Jayme, one of the Compassion-supported children who Pastor Dennis went to locate the afternoon the flooding happened. “I’m thankful to the church and Compassion for always taking care of us,” he reflects with a smile. “I hope it will not flood that bad again, that last one was really, really bad.”

Mercifully, one by one, Pastor Dennis discovered that all the Compassion-supported children he is responsible for had evacuated to a local community centre with their families.

“Thank God they were all safe.” He said.

Keep praying for those impacted by the flooding in San Enrique and the surrounding areas.

  • Take a moment to praise God that all the Compassion-supported children including Jayme and baby Ruela, are safe.
  • Pray for the government in the Philippines to ensure that flood-prone areas receive the support and infrastructure they need to prevent future disasters.
  • Pray for Pastor Dennis and the other child development workers who provide such exceptional care to children.


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