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Kibera slum

Pray for children in Kibera

Pray for Kibera

Take a moment to pray for children who live in Kibera, Kenya's largest slum.

  • Estimates about the number of residents in Kibera vary significantly. The 2009 census put the population at 170,000, other estimates say 800,000.
  • 50% of residents are unemployed and 90% are tenants with no rights.
  • Problems with drug and alcohol abuse are widespread. Thousands are addicted to Changaa, a widely available cheap alcoholic brew.*

Families in crisis

Pray for children like 9-year-old Luis. Luis’ mother Lydia moved to Nairobi in the hope of making a better life for her children. Sadly, tragedy struck the family and they battled to survive. They praise God that they were able to register Luis into a local Compassion project. He now has access to education and dreams of becoming a pilot. 

Join us in prayer

Father, we pray for our partner churches as they seek to support children and families living in Kibera. We pray for the next generation of children and young people. We pray for an end to the cycles of addiction and unemployment. Use children like Luis to bring change to the community.


Read Luis' full story


*BBC, February 2015


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