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An answer to prayer: rescued from the roof

We recently shared an urgent prayer request: 14 Compassion sponsored children and two tutors were trapped on rooftops in Pedregal Grande, Peru, because of devastating floodwaters. 

The group was stranded for more than 12 hours because rising water levels meant it was incredibly difficult to access the community.

Compassion tutor Noemi was with nine children waiting on one roof. "I was very scared because the water grew very fast. I took nine children with me and their mums. We don’t know how to swim, so we climbed on the roofs saving our children first. It was a desperate moment because the help didn’t arrive and our children were crying. But I never lost my hope because my Almighty God is faithful and I knew He would come to rescue us.”

Early morning the next day, the water levels went down and all children, tutors and families were safely rescued by three courageous brothers from a neighbouring church who had built a raft. 

Rescued from floods in Peru

Relieved mums and children in Piura.

Rescue in Peru

The three brave brothers, and Compassion Partnership Facilitator Adrian Quevedo (far right) who built a raft to rescue the children.

Flooding in Peru

Tutor Naomi praying with mums.

All the children are well and have been reunited with their families. Over the upcoming weeks, our project staff and church partners will provide emotional support to the children. 

Praise God for protecting all those who were stranded. Please continue to pray for all those affected by the flooding in Peru. 

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