sponsor a child

Your Sponsorship Plus donations are changing even more lives

Over the last year, Sponsorship Plus donations have been used to:

Each one of these has made a life-changing difference!

But there's a way for us to help even more, and to help them at a younger age.

By 2020, through our Child Survival Programme, we plan to provide more than 150,000 mothers and babies with the support and skills they need to not just survive but thrive.

Our Child Survival projects ensure that a mother and her baby receive the essential medical care they need before, during and after the birth. We make sure there's a trained birth attendant present to see that mum and baby survive. 

That is why, as well as providing for children already in our sponsorship programme when unexpected emergencies occur, we're going to use Sponsorship Plus donations to help mothers and babies in the Child Survival Programme before they are sponsored. Sponsorship Plus is going to impact even more lives!

Drop us a line if you're interested in adding Sponsorship Plus to your donations >


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