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Sri Lanka Explosions: Pray With Us

As Christians around the world celebrated Easter, on Sunday 21 April, a series of explosions occurred in several Sri Lankan cities in churches and hotels. Authorities also found explosive devices in other public locations, including the airport and a bus terminal.

Tragically government sources confirm that the 8 explosions caused 253 fatalities (a death toll lower than initially reported). A further 500 people sustained injuries. 

In the aftermath, the government placed the country under curfew and at times, social media channels were shut down across the country to contain the violence and prevent the spread of misinformation. 

Please join us in praying for all those in Sri Lanka who are facing loss in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy. The Easter Sunday explosions were the deadliest violence Sri Lanka has witnessed since the end of the country's civil war in 2009.

Our Sri Lankan office has confirmed that none of Compassion's church partners were directly impacted by the explosions. One staff member's daughter was injured and is now recovering following surgery on her hand.

Silas Balraj, Compassion Vice President of the Asia Region, reflects, ‚ÄúOur hearts are broken by the Easter morning explosions in Sri Lanka. We grieve with the people of this beautiful nation, praying for their comfort, healing and peace.‚Ä̬†

Prayers for Sri Lanka

The Compassion Sri Lanka team ask that you continue to pray for peace and stability while the country mourns and holds funerals for the family and friends lost in Easter Sunday’s explosions.

  • Please pray for the government and leaders of the nation; and for unity and peace.
  • Please pray for everyone who is grieving following the events on Easter Sunday.
  • Please pray for the continued safety of Compassion assisted children, their families, our church partners and their staff, and our Sri Lanka National Office staff.

Father God, we continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka. God bring your comfort to those grieving today. Bring your peace to those in fear. We pray for government leaders and medical professionals to be given great strength and wisdom. In Jesus' name, amen.


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