Update: Kenya’s Patel Dam Bursts

16 may 2018

We're overjoyed to share that all 30 children have been found safe and sound. Thank you for your faithful prayers. Please continue to join us in prayer for all those who have lost loved ones and livelihoods in this tragedy.

15 May 2018

We've received an update from our Kenyan office following last week's dam burst in Solai. It's with great sadness that we share that 30 Compassion-sponsored children are still missing following the flash floods. 308 children have been accounted for as safe.

Every effort is being made to find these 30 missing children. Search and rescue is being coordinated by the Kenyan army, the Red Cross and police. These authorities maintain jurisdiction over search and rescue operations, but our local church partner, KPFK Solai, is using its networks in addition to the government operations to help with the search.

Our Kenyan office is working closely with KPFK Solai to respond to the urgent needs of children and their families. Using RESPOND disaster funds they are providing food, mattresses, blankets, clothing and group counseling through the Amani Centre. 

Please join us and urgently pray for this difficult situation:

  • Pray these 30 precious children would be found safe quickly.
  • Pray for all those carrying out the search and rescue operations. Pray they would be highly effective in finding survivors.
  • Pray for God to be with the congregation and leadership of our partner church, KPFK Solai.
  • Ask God to comfort those who have suffered bereavement in this tragedy. Pray they would know God's peace and comfort during this extremely difficult time.

Please be assured we’ll contact you directly if your sponsored child is impacted by the Patel Dam disaster.  

11 May 2018

We’ve received news that one of our church partners has been affected. They have reported four classrooms, playground equipment and one section of the church building were destroyed.

Our church partners have requested ongoing RESPOND disaster funds to support repairs.

It is now understood that 41 people have lost their lives, including the caregivers of some Compassion supported children. We will contact you directly if your sponsored child has been impacted.

Thank you for prayer for all those impacted by the Patel dam burst. Please continue to pray for the ongoing rescue operations, pray that those who are still missing will be found alive. Pray also for God’s strength and comfort for those children who have lost family members.

10 May 2018

On 9 May, a section of Kenya’s Patel dam burst causing widespread devastation. Water burst through the dam wall near the town of Solai on Wednesday evening, submerging homes within a 2km with water, mud and debris.

More than 41 people are known to have died in the disaster and a search and rescue operation is still underway. Latest reports suggest the collapse was due to high volumes of water following heavy rain in Nakuru.

Compassion has church partners in the area and to date we've heard that tragically one caregiver has lost their life and community members are missing. Our church partner Solai FPFK Church has suffered damage to one of its classrooms and the playground has been destroyed. As soon as we receive further information we’ll provide an update.

Patel dam burst: how you can pray and respond

  • Pray the search and rescue efforts will be successful. Pray for God’s protection over those carrying out the searches.
  • Pray for God's provision for the children and families left homeless. The water destroyed the homes and belongings of those already battling extreme poverty.
  • Pray the most vulnerable families would know God's peace and miraculous provision over the upcoming weeks.
  • Lift up Compassion church partners and local churches around the town of Solai. Ask that they would be beacons of hope and support during this incredibly difficult time.

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Sources: BBC News: Kenya's Patel dam bursts, sweeping away homes in Solai


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