Becca Stanley

Extensive flooding in northern Peru

23 March

The heavy rains, flooding and mudslides have continued throughout Peru:

  • On March 18 there was another mudslide in Cajamarquilla and Santa Eulalia (Lima) causing the river to overflow. Our church partners from this part of Lima report limited damage but they are currently cut off from all transportation links. 
  • There is no electricity or water in many parts of the country. Churches, other organisations and the government are working to provide emergency supplies including food and water. They are also helping families clean the mud from their houses. 
  • On March 19, there was another mudslide in Trujillo city - the sixth mudslide of the week. The whole city is flooded and all of our church partners are temporarily closed. The government is also supporting affected people in the Trujillo area through the air force and army.
  • The Pativilca River has burst its banks, flooding houses and causing a bridge to collapse. Compassion projects in Barranca and Huacho are also temporarily closed. Project staff will carry out home visits as soon as the water level goes down. 

Please continue to pray for all those who have lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods. According to the latest estimates, 72 people have lost their lives in the floods.

Please pray for the 49 Compassion projects which have been impacted. Lift up the 691 Compassion-assisted children who have lost homes and possessions. 

16 March

Since February, the areas of Piura and Chiclayo in northern Peru have experienced heavy rains and flooding. 

On March 14, the floods spread to the districts of Trujillo and Chimbote, and on the 15 March parts of Lima were affected when the Huaycoloro River burst its banks. The rains have also triggered mudslides in Chosica. 

The floods have caused significant damage - throughout the country it is estimated that 400,000 people have been affected and 88,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. Please join us in praying for all those who have lost homes or livelihoods. 

36 of our partner churches have been impacted - the majority of families have lost belongings and suffered damage to their houses. Our Partnership Facilitators and project staff are working tirelessly to help families in need. The government is also providing assistance to families and helping clean out homes.

We'll update this news feed as soon as more information becomes available. 



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