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Update: Flooding in Ethiopia damaged several homes

15 August 2017

Church partners in Wolenchiti, along with the Ethiopian field office have finished assessing the impact of July’s flooding on Compassion-supported children and their families. In total 61 children were affected.

The RESPOND disaster funds were used to support affected children and their families with food, mattresses, blankets and bed sheets. Those whose homes were severely damaged received help with rent money since they could not return home. The field office also hopes to provide support for house repairs in the coming months.

Please continue to pray for provision for the children and their families.

27 July 2017

After three consecutive days of heavy rain, the town of Wolenchiti in Ethiopia experienced severe flooding on the 7 July. The flooding coupled with strong winds damaged the basements and roofs of several homes, as well as household supplies.

The local government is providing relief in the form of temporary shelter, clothing, utensils, mattresses and bed sheets to some of those impacted.

  • 53 Compassion sponsored children have been affected with anticipated numbers to rise. 
  • None of our 4 church partners in the area have been directly affected.

The Ethiopian Compassion office is working with our church partners to use the RESPOND programme disaster funds to meet the immediate needs of affected children, such as food and clothing. They also hope to gain additional support for home repairs and rebuilding.

Please pray for provision for the children and their families affected by this disaster. We will contact you directly if your sponsored child has been impacted. 


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