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The Difference You Made In 2018

Thank you for igniting a movement

As we reflect on all the amazing work that has been achieved this year, we know that none of this would be possible without you, our incredible supporters. Together, we’ve empowered more children in the fight against extreme poverty, we’ve funded life-changing projects and we’ve spoken hope into the lives of families all over the world.

For all of us at Compassion we want to say thank you for the important part you play in bringing joy, laughter and dancing to children and their families around the world.



“For every UK sponsor I have a simple message: thank you. Thank you for your continued prayers, messages of love and financial support for your sponsored children. Thank you to those who give sacrificially every month to support a child living thousands of miles away. Together, we really are making a difference, together we are breaking the cycle of poverty for a new generation, and together we are releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. What a privilege.”

Justin Dowds, Compassion UK CEO

Testimonies of lives changed

We love sharing stories from children, families and churches who've been impacted by your support. Thank you for playing a vital part in empowering children to overcome poverty. Here are just a few of our favourite feel-good testimonies from 2018:




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