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28,000 young people try Alpha thanks to Compassion partnership

Since partnering together for more than 7 years, Alpha and Compassion have given 28,000 young people the opportunity to explore the meaning of life at their local Compassion projects.

“We’ve seen young person after young person tell of the impact that has had on their lives,” reflects Bonnie Yule-Keuhne, Global Vice President of Alpha International. Bonnie travelled to Kenya earlier this year to meet one of her three sponsored children, Ivy.

Compassion's partnership with Alpha began in Kenya in 2013 and, due to the success of the initiative, has now grown to a number of other countries where Compassion works. 

“We looked at what might it look like for the youth that are in Compassion projects to be able to do an Alpha Youth while they are there,” explains Bonnie. "These young people had a chance within what they were gaining with Compassion ... to explore the meaning of life in a different way with Alpha.

And of course all of this is only possible because of people sponsoring children

... My son who goes to bed with a full tummy and clothing; he has a great church and a great school. My prayer is exactly the same for children everywhere. The thing that I can do to bring that about is to sponsor children. I urge you to do the same.”


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