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“You cannot put a price on hope”

5 testimonies from 5 sponsors who’ve witnessed sponsorship in action.

Compassion sponsor visit in Kenya

Time and time again we hear incredible stories from sponsors who've visited their sponsored children and been overwhelmed by the impact the Compassion programme is making. Here are 5 of our favourites from recent visits.

Compassion sponsorship changes lives ... but don't just take our word for it, take theirs:

1. “It was especially emotional to meet Alemshet and experience a bond that is real, profound and a source of hope for us both. The meeting brought alive the reality of sponsorship, the difference it has made and will go on making. I am drawn to the conclusion that Compassion is able to translate the vast issue of global poverty to the life, hope and future of the individual child.” Howard Petch, Yorkshire

Howard Petch with his sponsored child

2. “I had travelled over 500km off my route but it was worth every metre to tell this child that she is precious and to tell the local project staff that they are doing a great work by bringing education, health, food and spiritual guidance to the children of this community. You cannot put a price on the hope and the possibilities that are now open to these children even, if they live at the end of the road to nowhere.” Steve Houghton, Cornwall

Motorbiking across Africa

3. “As I walked towards Linda’s house her mother ran to greet me. She had tears in her eyes and she gave me the biggest hug. Linda was shy at first but as time went on she opened up and smiled a lot. They were so grateful for my support – which was overwhelming because in reality, I really don’t do much – it’s the local Compassion staff who do everything.” Jess Owens visited 13-year-old Linda in Ghana, October 2015

4. “You can read these stories in magazines but actually listening to the beneficiaries tell their stories has given me a much better understanding … meeting Misgana and her mum was extremely special. Her mum explained that I had done everything they had asked without knowing what they needed. I was so humbled that somehow I was an answer to their prayers." Shade Olutobi, London

Compassion sponsor visit in Ethiopia

5. “We found ourselves overwhelmed by the thanks that we received from Doris’ family, but we didn’t deserve this praise. We didn’t go completely out of our way or break the bank to sponsor Doris. We wondered what it would be like if the roles were reversed. What if we were the one needing a sponsor from the other side of the world in order to have an education, a decent quality of life?”  Katie and Anna Savage, Solihull

Sponsor visit in Bolivia


WORDS : Ella Dickinson

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