sponsor a child

The power of a letter

Bringing comfort into a child’s situation.

child letters

In response to the poverty you see in the world, you feel a little weaker each time you see the despair.

A child walks through rubble left behind after flooding at her house.  The brick house has a gigantic hole in the side of it.

Your heart is a little heavier with the next bad news story or the look of loss and defeat in the eyes of the child living amongst rubble on the news.

Walking through the rubble in Haiti

Can you touch this hopelessness? Reach out and interact to bring any relief at all?

Young girl in Ecuador jumps over a stream

Through sponsoring a child with us you really are. You’re lifting a child from poverty, reigniting hope in their heart.

Group of smiling boys in school uniform

As well as this financial help, look how your letter can light up a bare room.

Kenyan child reading a letter from their sponsor in a tin room

See it giving encouragement that can brighten someone’s outlook ...

Abner on top bunk reading sponsor letter with younger brother on bottom of bunk in his home in Escopa area in Southeastern Quezon City.

... and help a child realise they matter...

Rene Omar Argueta at home reading sponsor letters

...sparking hope into heartened eyes.

Silvia Dinda Maheswari Kusumaning Putri, 8 year old girl, child, lives in Solo. She is third born of seven children. She attends Samaan church Sunday School and the child development center IO837. Her father is Mr. Hendro Wiyono, and his three children all are registered at the center: Devita, Dinda and Duma. At the center Dinda receives educational classes, spiritual growth, medical immunizations and vaccinations, medical check ups, nutritious food, and socialization in classes providing healthy growth and development. She and her brother both received bicycles for their good grades at school from the mayor. Her home is next to a railroad track in a low income neighborhood.  Dinda, wearing a orange shirt, looks up smiling tenderly, gently, holding in her hands a sponsor letter, mail, correspondence paper, reading at her home, this image is in a dark room.

Bring comfort into their situation, knowing that someone, somewhere cares.

Merry Grace Legarde, a 8 year old child, girl smiles reading a sponsor letter, mail, correspondence letter, colorful cartoons, art, illustration on the front, on the small narrow wooden porch, balcony just outside her home with tropical green trees in the background.

Speak God’s life-transforming word into their souls.

Karen smiles reading sponsor letters and holding picture

Take heart. God’s at work through your letters and in your life.

Young girl smiling holding up the letter from her sponsor

Inspired by these photos of sponsored children with their letters? Write your letter on myCompassion today!

WORDS : Vikki Davis

PHOTOS : ashishu



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