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The Eurovision star who sponsors a child

Meet Dami Im and find out why she’s changing children’s lives with Compassion.

Dami Im

Tomorrow, Compassion Ambassador Dami Im will take to the stage and represent Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest! We caught up with Dami to chat all things Eurovision and find out why she’s so determined to support children in poverty with Compassion.

How did you become a Compassion Ambassador two years ago?

When I won [Australian] X Factor two years ago, I wanted to contact Compassion and use my platform to do something good with it. I sponsored my first Compassion child, Somoli, when I was 17, and I thought, well, we [my husband Noah and I] love Compassion and what they do, so why don’t we call them.

Why are you passionate about helping children living in poverty and where did that conviction come from?

There are so many children in the world still living in poverty and I think it’s important for us to do something we can to make a difference.


Dami Im visits a Compassion project


I think Compassion is doing something to help these kids in a very effective and loving way by educating them and providing them a safer environment for a better future. When we invest in children, it’s investing in the whole community and it’s really an effective way for us to change the world with whatever ability we have.

What was it like when you met your sponsored child Somoli?

I was nervous about meeting Somoli but realising what Compassion has been doing for this girl and how life-changing it was for her was amazing to see for myself. Just to visit the Compassion project and see the amazing work and the amazing difference it makes was eye-opening.


Dami Im meets her Compassion sponsored child


The houses in slums around Somoli's area didn’t have much colour other than faded brown and grey. The small houses made of bamboo and newspapers were dark, and mosquitos and flies were everywhere because of the rubbish around the houses and polluted water.

I was glad that Somoli doesn't have to spend her life in these houses thinking she has no hope. Even though sponsoring meant I had to make small financial sacrifices [I started when I was a student], it gives her not only practical help, but also a message in her heart that somebody on the other side of the world cares about her and wants to help her without asking for anything in return. After seeing more children in these slums, all I could hope for was to see more of these kids sponsored.

I think Eurovision is a great way for me to reach more people with my music and grow my fan base. I want people all over the world to see that you can really be making a difference through Compassion child sponsorship.

How did you feel the moment you found out you were going to Eurovision?

When I first found out, I just couldn’t believe it. It was amazing, hard to believe. Once it sunk in I was like wow, it’s just the biggest honour for me.

What are you most excited about?

I’m excited to be singing on the world stage in front of many millions of people and also excited to meet all the contestants from all over the world come together. I think it will be fun.

Can you give us a hint of what to expect costume-wise?

I’ve been getting one of the best couture designers to make the dress for me. I can’t give away everything but it will be something amazing, beautiful, unique and cool.

Is it going to look like a typical Eurovision costume?

I want it to be edgy and different, but I don’t want it to look silly. I don’t want to look like a clown!

Who are your favourite contestants?

I think Russia is one of my favourites, they’re song is great. I love Spain, their song is up-tempo and makes you want to dance. I also love the UK’s song.

We wish Dami all the best for the competition!


Join Dami and change the life of one child


This blog was originally published by our friends at Compassion Australia.

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