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Hugs without limbs in Colombia

Follow Nick Vujicic on an extraordinary journey to meet 13-year-old José.

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic and José are young men with lives seemingly worlds apart. Yet both have had to overcome huge challenges: Nick was born without limbs, and José was born into extreme poverty. Watch what happens when the two meet.

"Meeting José for the first time was one of those moments you never forget. The small, rough homes set against the scenic backdrop of Bogota, Colombia, the fresh mountain air wafting through the street, and of course, the tears and tangible excitement and anticipation of José’s family.

Pulling up to José’s house, it was just amazing seeing his beautiful family lined up to receive me. He said thank you for giving me this opportunity [to meet you] and I was like, I’m the one blessed, I’m the one witnessing miracles.

I’ve seen small houses on dirt before but I’ve never met a family in such a poor state of need. Their own father hung himself in that house. The first thing anyone would do is move out of that house. They can’t. Yet the love and joy they have for God and the desire they have to make a difference in their city is awesome.

Simple, generous donations are not just donations. Simple, generous letters are not just letters. There is a ripple effect that happens as we encourage these kids to be all that they can be.

Seeing what Compassion does around the world, to me, is such a God ordained ministry. It’s a commission to the body of Christ to go out and be the love—love in action. And that’s why I’m a sponsor.

There is a ripple effect that happens when we encourage these kids to be all that they can be. 

Make today count and sponsor a child with Compassion. 

If God can use a man without arms and legs to be His hands and feet, then He will certainly use any willing heart!"

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