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21 Cute Baby Photos With Smiles To Brighten Your Day!

We’ve added more incredibly cute baby faces to bring you January joy.

baby photo with smile

Some of the cutest babies in the world

These cute baby smiles will make your day. Did you know a toddler can smile up to 400 times a day? Well, we think they have the right idea!

funny baby face

We all need a little extra joy, so we've added even more beautiful, cute baby images from babies in our Child Survival Programme to one of your favourite blogs.

So let’s celebrate the universal sign of happiness, spread some joy, flex those facial muscles and get ready to say cheese with these baby smiles!

The cutest smiling babies

Compassion helps some of the most vulnerable babies in the world’s poorest communities to survive and thrive. We definitely think some of these little ones could actually win an award for the cutest baby in the world. Which is your favourite?

cute baby smile

Does this smile look cute on me?

child smiling

Or how about this one?

cute baby image

A gorgeous smile is all in the eyes.

Baby smile

The face you pull when you're dreaming of warmer weather.

Funny baby images

Kids pull the funniest of faces. Which is your favourite funny baby face?

image of funny baby face

"It's HOW long until next Christmas!?"

Excited baby

It’s ok – it’s late-January and your New Year resolutions are still going strong!

cute baby with big eyes

The face you pull when you remember it’s another 11 months before you can legitimately sing Christmas carols again.

baby girl smiling

Hands up if you’re ready for spring now.

Peaceful sleeping babies

These pictures of cute newborn babies sleeping are taken from our projects in Togo, Mexico and Ghana. Once they’re older, these sleeping babies will be registered into our Child Sponsorship programme where they’ll be empowered to overcome poverty.

cute sleeping baby

Getting to the end of the Christmas season …

cute newborn sleeping baby

January = the perfect month for extra naps.

Sleeping baby

My plan is to hibernate until April. 

baby pictures

When you’re alarm goes off but your bed is too cosy to move. 

Laughing babies

These lovely baby faces are a sign of healthy and happy kids!

Laughing baby smile

Sometimes we all need a little love to carry us through January.

Smiling toddler

Starting off the new year with the sweetest curls.

Happy baby smile

The face you pull when you're dreaming of warmer weather.

cute baby in bobble hat

We love the way this little cutie from Ghana rocks her winter look.

Baby besties

Friendship is precious, no matter what age. Compassion survival projects give mums and babies the chance to create community and nurture friendships. The result? These happy baby faces:

Funny baby faces in Uganda

With a best friend by your side, there's always a reason to smile. 

baby mum smiles

When you’re going on a road trip with your bestie …

baby girl smiling

Some of the best times are shared with your favourite person!

Cute baby in hat

This beautiful one from Bolivia can't help smiling for the camera!

These gorgeous cute baby smiles are from some of the 25 countries where we’re working to change children’s lives. Thanks to our Child Survival Programme, we enable little ones to not only survive, but thrive. 


Discover more about helping babies survive

WORDS : Jennie Taylor, Corinna Stubbs

PHOTOS : Compassion International



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