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10 Charming Christmas Quotes From Kids That Will Make You Feel Festive Already

Something to make you smile as the countdown to Christmas continues!

cute Christmas quotes

Christmas quotes from around the world

We've gathered together ten of our favourite Christmas quotes from children around the world. Their smiles and heartwarming quotes about Christmas will make you feel festive already!

Christmas quote Peru

“We are going on a party and we have gifts, sweets, toys and Jesus!” - Isaac, Peru

Christmas quote from Indonesia

“If I was a wise man visiting Jesus, I would give him a bag so he had something to put all his other gifts in.” - Juan, Indonesia

Christmas quote from Ecuador

 “I liked the gifts at this party and they painted my face too. They gave me the face of a dog. I like dogs.” - Gabriel, Ecuador

Heartwarming Christmas quotes

Christmas quote Peru

“When I found my shoes and my dress [in my gift], I felt like God heard my prayers.” - Alexandra, Peru

All 10 of these precious children were given the opportunity to celebrate Christmas thanks to generous donations to Compassion's Christmas Appeal. You can help ensure children born into poverty receive a hand-chosen Christmas gift this year by supporting our appeal.

Make this Christmas special for a child like Alexandra

Indonesia Christmas quote

“Last Christmas, I was given clothes. The shirt is the one I'm wearing now. It's the only shirt I own. At home we celebrate Christmas by gathering together and sharing stories. The old people in my family give advice.” - Noventon, Indonesia

Happy Christmas quotes to make you giggle

Christmas present

“What I most like about Christmas at the project is the quality time I spend with my homies during the Christmas celebration.” - Christel, Haiti

Christmas excitement in Colombia

"My favourite Christmas gift ever was a toy car. Baby Jesus gave it to me." - Yoan, Colombia

Charming Christmas quotesChristmas quote Togo

“I enjoyed Christmas, I received toys and games. I had fun with my project mates. I was so happy and I wish I would have [more] nice days like this." - Augustin, Togo

Christmas quote Peru

“I like Christmas because it’s a happy time and Jesus was born.” - Evelin, Peru

Christmas in El Salvador

“We can truly be happy at Christmas, no matter what may be happening in our daily lives, we know that we are God’s children and today our homes are small and cold, but some day Heaven will be our home.” - Antonia, El Salvador

This Christmas, we want to bless children born into extreme poverty with a gift, a delicious meal and time with their friends and family at a Christmas party. We invite you to give a Christmas gift that really counts by donating to our Christmas Appeal.

Give a gift to a child in poverty today

WORDS : Corinna Stubbs, Roz Walsh

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