31 Beautiful Pictures of the World

Poverty may threaten to steal a child’s future. But these beautiful pictures show how sponsoring a child restores hope.

Amazing pictures from around the world

If you look for beauty, you’ll find it – even in the most unexpected places. Toddlers giggling in a dirty street. Neat handwriting on a dusty blackboard. A hug between friends on a well-earned break from school.

This stunning collection of beautiful pictures celebrates the surprising beauty we find in the world. I hope it will move you as you see the world through a child’s eyes.

Amazing photography capturing life in poverty

Poverty may rob a child of opportunities, but it should never rob them of their dignity. In our photography, we want to capture the truth of life in poverty. Suffering is never the whole story.

These world images show the struggle of life in poverty, but they also capture kindness, resilience and love. I hope these awesome pics inspire you.

amazing photos

Patnaree takes some of her precious first steps, confident in her mother’s loving support. Now 14 months old, Patnaree is eating well – but that wasn’t always the case. Thanks to help from the Compassion project in Thailand, her mother now knows how to choose the best foods to support her growing daughter.

beautiful water images

Clean water means the world to a child living in poverty. Less disease, less physical labour, less thirst. For children like this little boy in Uganda, Compassion works to improve hygiene and health – and above all, happiness.

For 66 years, Compassion has cared for some of the world’s most vulnerable children. If there’s one thing we’ve discovered in all these years of charity experience: it’s that kindness makes the world a beautiful place.

When we create relationships between child sponsors and children, both lives are changed forever. Poverty may threaten to steal a child’s future. But these beautiful pictures show how sponsoring a child restores hope. 

Sponsor a child and bring them hope

world pictures

Children under five make up 70% of the world’s deaths from malaria. Basic protection from mosquito bites saves lives. This Compassion project in Thailand helps mothers like Muechit to safeguard their children against the killer disease. She says, “I’ve had malaria before, but no-one in my family has had malaria or dengue fever since we’ve had this net.”

breathtaking photos

These children are walking along the road to their Compassion project in the High Plateau region of Bolivia. This “Altiplano” High Plateau region of Bolivia is the area where the Andes Mountains are the widest. 

Breathtaking photos of kids being empowered

Imagine a light switching on as a child learns to read. The sound of laughter as a child breaks out of their shyness to make friends for the first time.

You can help to make these miraculous transformations happen when you sponsor a child with Compassion. Enjoy this collection of amazing photography, showing children empowered by people like you.

world images

One in six children in low income countries didn’t finish primary school in 2015. Compassion sponsorship is giving these kids in the Philippines the opportunity to read and learn together at Bicol Child Development Centre project.

images of eating lunch

A good meal is vital for a child’s health and development – but food is so much more fun shared with friends. At this Compassion project in Thailand, children can improve their nutrition and enjoy the support of new friendships at the same time.

amazing water image

No wonder they’re smiling! Imagine a life without access to clean water. Basic hygiene beats disease and gives children the opportunity to thrive. Thanks to support from Compassion, good health is now on tap for these Ugandan children.

amazing photo of education

The world opens up when you can read. When Compassion sponsors support their children through school, they are breaking the cycle of poverty. School is an incredible opportunity in itself, but also the key to a brighter future. These boys share a discovery in Uganda.

stunning image of water

Splash! Clean drinking water is serious fun for these girls in Uganda. It’s life-changing, too.

photo of reading Bible

Teenager Jormo enjoys some time with the Bible at his home in Thailand. Compassion sponsors have the chance to write to their children and really develop a relationship, praying for their child and encouraging them.

education photo

Knowledge is power as these girls love to learn in Ethiopia. It’s estimated there are 9 million girls in sub-Saharan Africa who will never have the chance to go to primary school. When you sponsor a child with Compassion, you are helping to rewrite this story.

beautiful education image

Kevin practises drawing and writing at a Compassion project in Togo. There are 61 million children of his age who can’t attend school, because of poverty, disease and the pressure to earn money from a young age.

Beautiful pictures showing love in action

A child needs love to grow. At Compassion projects across the world, children are shown incredible love and care. Local project staff are there to support them, teach and encourage them.

Each child also knows their Compassion sponsor loves and cares for them. Regular letters, translated into the child’s language, build a real bridge between the continents. Each of these breathtaking photos captures a moment of love shared.

friendship photo

A beautiful friendship gives these girls in Bangladesh reason to smile.

happiness images

High five! Pritty’s life in Indonesia has been transformed since her sponsor reached out to her through Compassion. She says, “The project has changed me from being shy to becoming confident.”

happy image

It’s hard for children to thrive if their parents are struggling. That’s why Compassion projects support the whole family, not just the child. Pictured here, mother Bua-ngepn says:

I didn’t think that I was a good mother because I sometimes complain to my son. But I realised that one thing about myself as a mother is I love my son and am willing to sacrifice my life in order to support and nurture him to a higher education and a better future.


beautiful mother daughter images

Three years ago, this mother from Thailand began to receive help from Compassion. She says, "Back then I was a single mum, looking after my children by myself. It was so hard for me. My daughter didn’t have a good life, she was very skinny and was becoming malnourished. Now my dream is for my daughter to become a teacher. She’ll be able to support herself, and her family, as well."

Dermane and her grandmother

This is what it’s all about. A beautiful moment shared between mother and daughter in Togo makes for a breathtaking picture.

beautiful images of people

Mother Juliet embraces her nine-month-old daughter Miracle in Uganda.

pictures of beauty

The joy is infectious as this mother and son share a joke at the Omuntu Womunda Child Development Centre, Uganda.

Amazing pictures of people

People make the most beautiful pictures. Enjoy some of the most amazing photos from around the world of people who have benefitted from Compassion’s work.

beautiful picture

It’s hard not to join in the giggling with these two toddlers in Uganda.

image of eating

Children enjoy a nutritious meal at school in Uganda.

breathtaking pictures

This beautiful baby takes a break as her mother learns about basket weaving to generate an income in Uganda.

amazing photography

Chamuewa jumps for joy in Thailand.

amazing pictures of people

Goat farmer Ma-aeh earns a living to provide for her family in rural Thailand.

sleeping baby image

Sleeping in heavenly peace: a baby naps during Christmas celebrations in Indonesia.

Writing sponsor letter in Mexico

A boy shares a beautiful smile while writing a sponsor letter in Mexico.

Beautiful photos of Africa

Enjoy these beautiful pictures of Africa, telling the story of Compassion’s work on the continent and the kindness of strangers who reach out as sponsors.

rescued from a voodoo temple

“I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I will be glad when people come to me and I will give them shots and pills and then they will be okay.” In the meantime, there’s plenty of time for play for these girls in Togo.

breathtaking pictures of people

Education lights up life for these young students in Kenya.

fighting aids in Togo

“The biggest surprise about having my daughter in the Compassion project is all the support they gave us in every aspect,” says this mother in Togo.

beautiful pictures of africa and nature

Masai boys smile as the storm clouds gather behind them in Najile, Kenya.

beautiful pictures from around the world

A break from lessons is a chance to have fun for these school children in Uganda.

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