A Colombian Grandmother’s Hopeful Letter to Her Baby Grandson

In the midst of loss, a Grandmother in Colombia writes a letter of hope and God’s love to her baby Grandson.

Grandmother Bridis holds her grandson Deinner.

In Colombia, little baby Deinner was delivered prematurely through an emergency caesarean section as his mother, Cindy, battled COVID-19. Tragically, Cindy died the day after — leaving Deinner’s grandmother, Bridis, to raise her baby grandson and his two siblings.

As Bridis cares for her grandchildren and copes with the loss of her daughter, she is not alone. Compassion’s church partners in their Colombian community are providing ongoing support to the entire family. Bridis and baby Deinner joined our Survival Programme for babies and their caregivers, and Deinner’s brother Ian is in the Child Sponsorship programme. 

Caring workers from Compassion’s church partners provide the family with home visits, groceries, spiritual and emotional support, supplies and cover the family in prayer.

Our project partners encouraged Bridis to honour her daughter’s memory and express her hopes for Deinner’s future by writing a letter to him that he can read one day.

This was her response.

Grandmother Bridis holds and reads to baby Deinner

A Hopeful Letter to My Baby Grandson

My sweet child Deinner,

You are my blessing. I remember how happy I felt when I saw you for the first time. Despite the pain, there you were: so innocent, so beautiful, reminding me of God’s love. Let me tell your story, my lovely little grandchild.

Your mother, Cindy, was smart, kind and beautiful. She had a family with your father and your siblings, Ian and Saidith. After hearing about Jesus, your mother accepted him as her Saviour. Last year, Cindy realised she was expecting you and was so happy.

We were in quarantine, trying to avoid getting the COVID-19 virus. However, it still reached me, and I was hospitalised. Then your mother got sick while she was pregnant with you. She spent days at the hospital, fighting for both of your lives. However, she died after your birth, and I had no opportunity to see her again. It broke my heart.

I went home after spending three months in the hospital, and days later, I finally met you. When I saw you, I felt as if your mother was at home again. The Compassion project your brother attends supported us with food, a twin bed for your siblings and an oven so I can bake and sell bread.

Ian and Saidith hold their baby brother, Deinner, outside their home in Colombia.

Then, another Compassion project heard about your story and thought you would need special love and care since your mother cannot be here for you. 

They registered you because they support vulnerable babies as they grow up.

God’s blessing and love are upon you, my little one. I spend my days caring for you, your siblings and my younger children. My health is not entirely OK, but I strive to do my best for you all.

Your grandfather works driving a motorcycle to provide for us. Although your father does not live with you, he loves you and your siblings so much.

I want to thank God for his blessings. The churches and Compassion projects have become our most significant support. The project’s support will allow you to become an example, as your mother was. An example in your studies — a brave child full of dreams.

Please, love God and trust him. That is your mother’s legacy. I hope you read this letter being a good man, a Christian that serves the Lord, a professional. I want all the good in the world for you.

With love,

Your grandmother, Bridis.

Baby Deinner standing

Our Child Survival Programmes make an extraordinary difference in the life of a child. If you are interested in helping babies like Deinner, please visit Compassion Interventions for more information.

You can also start supporting a child from the age of one through our Child Sponsorship Programme. You’ll become part of a vital team of people caring for them and providing for their physical and emotional wellbeing.

You can fund their support, send messages of encouragement to them & their family, pray for them and enable them to thrive.


WORDS : Lina Marcela Alarcon

PHOTOS : Lina Marcela Alarcon



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