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7 tiny stories of sponsorship bringing big change

Take a listen to 7 voices from Togo.

Girls smiling in Togo

Take a listen to 7 voices from Togo. We spent time with toddlers, kids, teenagers, dads, mums and grandparents. Each one took the time and courage to share, in their own words, what the Compassion programme means to them. We heard story after story of survival and empowerment.

Be inspired by 7 tiny but powerful stories. Consider sponsoring a child and playing your part in this incredible tapestry of change.

 1. Laurent, father to Bamely

Bamley sitting with his father Laurent

"As a dad, my role is to help my son and educate him to have good morals so he can go farther and succeed in life. During his last medical check-up [at the project], the doctors noticed he had a problem with his jaw. We found out he had to have surgery. We couldn’t afford it. But Compassion did everything possible to make sure Bamely could have the surgery. Before there were 18 of us living in one bedroom. Compassion came in and provided us with a better house. We can eat every day now."

2. 13-year-old Aimee

Aimee standing in a field


"Being 13 is a lot of fun. When I grow up, I want to be a journalist. Journalists can change things. I am learning English.”

3. Akouvi ‘s mum

Akouvi running


"When Akouvi was first registered at two years old, she was severely malnourished. She couldn’t stand, walk or talk. Akouvi was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. Thanks to immediate intervention and continued nutritional support, Akouvi is now a thriving 7-year- old who loves to sing and play."

4. Dermane Mariame, grandma to Gracia

Dermane and her grandmother


"If it weren’t for Compassion, my granddaughter would have died. We were sleeping, and all of a sudden, Gracia got up and fainted. So I called the project direct right away. She said we needed to take Gracia to the hospital right away. By the time we got there, the project director was already there. They took care of everything—the medicine, everything. She stayed till two in the morning, and came back to check on her the next day. And we did not have to pay anything. Not even a penny! I never thought anyone would do that for us."

5. M, mum 

mother and daughter sitting

“I am HIV-positive and I was telling myself that life was finished for us. There was nothing I could do, but I told [the Compassion project] about my health condition and they took me to a nearby town to confirm the diagnosis. Because of the tests, my medicine was changed and that helped me a lot. On difficult days, I remember that God found me and He gives me the strength to go on.”

6. 6-year-old Aklobessi 



"I really enjoy coming to church. I am happy to be here singing and praying. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I will be glad when people come to me and I will give them jabs and pills and then they will be okay."

7. Passa Abra, grandmother

Passa Abra

“My grandson came to live with me. But times were hard. There were five of us living in one tiny bedroom. Then, we got kicked out of our house. Compassion helped us pay the rent for a new home, and helped us get things we needed. Clothes, food. Today, I run a small business that helps me provide for my family. The help that we were getting now goes to another family to help them get back on their feet. Everyone notices the change. Getting out of poverty takes a long time. But we’re moving forward, not backward."

Sponsoring a child provides empowerment. And not just to the one child who directly receives education, health care and nutrition from their one sponsor. Compassion projects are lifelines, connecting families living in vulnerability with the support of a local church. Find out more about the difference sponsorship makes.

WORDS : Becca Stanley, Ryan Johnson, Bernard Gbagba

PHOTOS : Ben Adams

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