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15 fashion-forward kids

What are Compassion kids wearing this London fashion week?

Children running in Burkina Faso

At the beginning of London Fashion Week, we thought we should celebrate some of our kids who are rocking very fashion-forward looks!

1. When you and your friend arrive to the party in the same bobble hat.

Kids in bobble hats


2. When you're this cool, it doesn't matter which way up you wear your sunglasses.

Upside down sunglasses


3. It's all about the accessories.

Girl wearing hat and fan


4. Clearly one hat is not enough for Emile in Togo.

Boy wearing hat in Togo


5. We love this unbeatable rhubarb and custard combo in Ethiopia ...

Cute babies in Ethiopia


6. When your mum insists on picking your outfit but you’re not convinced.

Baby in blanket


7. Seriously, Bolivian babies' fashion game is on point.

A little girl in a purple shirt and red skirt is wearing a colorful hat and standing outside with her hands held in front of her. Children from the community are neglecter, however, “Children will be raised with values, they will think in worshiping God, not in other things that aren’t good for them. Mothers also will come and worship” is the Pastor’s hope and prayer.


8. 'Banana' hats are the next big thing in Ethiopia.

A mother is holding her small baby son in her arms as she stands outside in the yard. The baby has a yellow hood over his head and the mother hs a red scarf on her head.


9. In Uganda, this dapper dude knows you can't go wrong with the classic three-piece suit.

A small boy in a dark blue suit is standing in the classroom and leaning on the desk.


10. This cutie is runway ready in her best frilly frock. 

Uganda Compassion -- Lifeway Trip 1501UG


11. These siblings are looking pretty in peach.

Siblings in matching outfits


12. These friends are celebrating Day of the African Child in style. 

Day of the African Child


13. On-trend twins think it's about time tracksuits made a comeback.

Girls wearing matching tracksuits


14. What do you mean I can't wear this everyday?

Grumpy angel


15. Because this gorgeous baby knows a big smile never goes out of fashion. 

Smiling baby in Brazil

WORDS : Jennie Taylor

PHOTOS : Compassion International



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