100 things I want my kids to know

Something to inspire you this Father's Day.

This Father’s Day, we want to share a gift with you – something that made us smile and filled us with inspiration. One of our sponsors, father-of-four Phil from Preston, created a montage of truths he wants his children to know as they grow up. He not only gathered 100 mini nuggets of wisdom, he carefully wrote each one onto a large poster which now hangs on the family’s kitchen wall. Every day, Phil wants Daniel (12), Hannah (10), Isla (7) and Hope (4) to dream big. 

At Compassion, we love to celebrate child-champions like Phil. We want to ignite a movement of those who care deeply and take action to empower every child. 

Phil’s vision doesn’t stop with his four kids. Along with his wife, Hazel, he sponsors 16-year-old Richard from Bolivia. Thanks to the Maltby family, every week Richard hears affirming truth and encouragement from more child champions at his Compassion project.  

100 things I want my children to know …

100 things I want my kids to know

1. You are loved

2. Love who God made you to be

3. If God is for us, who can be against us?

4. Ask more questions

5. Do the basics well

6. Jesus paid the highest price for you

7. You don’t need to please other people

8. Stand up to bullies

9. Look beyond the surface

10. You are amazing

smiling girl from Kenya

11. Get wisdom

12. Stand up for what you believe

13. It’s better to be kind than clever

14. Love keeps believing the best in other people

15. What God made is good

16. Accept others for who they are

17. Remember you’re not perfect

18. Tell the best stories

19. Generosity comes from your heart

20. Only you can be you

21. Be kind to the poor

22. Don’t bottle things up; keep talking

23. Stopping can be harder than starting

24. Invest today in the life you want tomorrow

25. Aim high

father and son playing football

26. This life is only the beginning

27. Your voice has power

28. Guard your heart

29. You can’t do it alone

30. You are appreciated

31. Ask God for what you need

32. Choose kind words

33. Time helps, God heals

34. Don’t hold back; go for it

35. You have what others need

36. Find good friends and hold them close

37. With the measure you use it will be given back to you

38. Prayer is the key

39. Your smile is powerful

happy children in Indonesia

40. You are forgiven

41. You have more than you realise

42. Tell the truth

43. Grasp opportunities

44. What counts is what’s on the inside, not what’s on the outside

45. You are a beautiful person

father and son in Togo

46. Engage your heart more than your head

47. Do more of what you love

48. Love overcomes

49. Find your own rhythm

50. You are unique

51. Bring your best to God

52. Leave your worst with Jesus

53. We all have bad days

54. Give generously

Moses giving out biscuits in Kenya

55. Focus on action, not activity

56. Respect the sacrifice of others

57. Invite others into your life

58. Practise integrity

59. Magic happens when you bring people together

60. Never forget you are loved

61. Bless others as often as you can

62. Take one day at a time

63. Mercy is better than judgement

64. Listen to God for the way forward

65. You have all the courage you need

66. God has good plans for you

67. Peace is found only in Jesus

68. You’re no less than you think

smiling boy in Kenya

69. Failure is another step forward on the journey

70. Heaven is your home

71. Give others time

72. Count your blessings

73. Love the little people

74. Paint big pictures

75. You are a powerful warrior

76. There’s always hope

77. Faith grows as you use it

78. Your guilt and shame are dealt with

79. Keep learning and stay teachable

80. You are precious

81. Sometimes life hurts

82. Even when it hurts keep going

83. Stop and play

playing on swing

84. You melt my heart

85. Go for your dreams

86. Sing in the dark; the dawn is coming (Phil’s favourite)

87. You are a blessing

88. Nothing can separate you from the love of God

89. Do things that scare you (Maltby kids’ favourite)

90. You teach me so much about love

91. Above the clouds the sun is always shining (Hazel’s favourite)

92. Keep your word

93. To see God sometimes you have to look back

94. Encourage others always

95. You can do it!

96. Put things right if you can

97. You make the difference

98. Respond, don’t react

99. Your best lies ahead of you

100. You are loved – full stop.


What do you want your kids to know this Father’s Day? Join in the conversation on Twitter:

I want my kids to know …. @findphilm #fathersday 

Phil and Hazel have been Compassion sponsors for 10 years. “We first started sponsoring Richard because we wanted to make a difference for a child in another country. We’ve been encouraged by his personal and faith development. Watching his smile grow over the years through the pictures we’ve had is a great reminder of what a difference our sponsorship makes.” Phil works for the Methodist Forces Board, supporting armed forces chaplaincy and Hazel is a childminder so their house is always full of children! 

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Words by Compassion UK, Phil Maltby


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