A Mother’s Heart: Caring for my Son with ASD Amidst Poverty and Prejudice

Patricia grew up neglected and vulnerable. When pregnant at the age of nineteen, she considered leaving her baby in the hospital. God used Patricia’s son to change the whole course of her life.

Is There Life Beyond The Landfill?

Francisco dreams of a life beyond the landfill site which he calls home. His local church, family and sponsor are making that dream a reality.

Eco Christmas Wrapping Paper: 4 Ways to Make Your Own

Share the festive cheer with Christmas wrapping you’ve created! We’ve explored four environmentally friendly ways to make your own Christmas wrapping paper.

Dreaming Big: 9 Talented Young Entrepreneurs Share Their Story

We don’t have to be defined by our circumstances. These 9 remarkable Compassion graduates show us why.

Room for Hope: 25 Striking Photos of Bedrooms Around the World

An insight into the daily reality for the children and families who we serve.

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