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Child sponsorship testimonials

Why sponsor a child with Compassion?

We love our incredible sponsors who've taken action to end extreme poverty, one child at a time. Discover how they’ve been encouraged by the incredible difference they’re making:

  • “We would encourage anybody to sponsor, it’s so easy to spend £25 a month on coffees, magazines and treats without really thinking about it. But for the same cost each month you could change a child’s life and make a real difference, not only to them but their whole family.” Paul and Linda Coleman, Norwich, sponsors of Cake from Thailand.
  • “Yayra has 11 siblings so it would be impossible for her parents to be able to afford to send them all to school. Our sponsorship has meant she is able to have access to an education which will hopefully lead to a brighter future and more opportunities as she grows up.”  Julia Langer and Kevin Owusu, Birmingham, who sponsor 6-year-old Yayra from Ghana



  • "Because I love Jesus and I know He loves the poor, I want to do that, in my small way. I can do that through Compassion." David and Esther Woods, Surrey.
  • “Compassion makes a real difference to both the child's life and their family’s life, it’s very rewarding to be able to help in such a way.” Brenda and David Rathmell, Leeds, sponsors of Kibru, Ethiopia.
  • “There are so many children living in poverty all around the world and you may not be able to help all of them. But I have seen how sponsoring just one boy has brought a life-changing hope to his life – that’s priceless.” David Haggath, Peterhead, sponsor of Ivanne from the Philippines
  • "Last year I travelled to Rwanda to meet the young man I sponsor, 17-year-old Uwiduhaye. I was excited about the personal bond that would develop when we met face-to-face after writing letters to each other for so long. I wasn’t disappointed; it was wonderful to meet the young man that I have been sponsoring and hear about how the project is helping him develop.The biggest thing that stood out for me is the sense of hope and belonging that the Compassion project has given people. Compassion has not only provided for their physical needs but brought them into a community where they are loved." Bex Turner-Loisel, Sheffield
  • “To someone who was thinking about sponsoring a child – it serves as a constant reminder that the world is bigger than just you. It opens up your eyes to see the world in a whole different way. Nothing will ever change your life, break your heart or help you see the world the way God does, more than sponsoring a child. It’s the best, most challenging thing I’ve ever done." Shelley Moore, Bournemouth.
  • "It's a strange thing that you start out trying to help and bless someone and then you gradually realise you are, in fact, the recipient of the help and blessing! She is a dear girl." Val Potter, Surrey , sponsor of Jessica, Bolivia.
  • "Can I take this chance to thank all at Compassion for all your hard work, dedication, understanding and general fantastic work you do for all these lovely children in all parts of the world. You all do a fantastic job, and like the wonderful children I sponsor, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I could not live without my extended family in Natalia, Gema, Jeanci and Ana. They bring so much joy into my life, with their letters, pictures and prayers." Jason English


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