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Speak Up For One Child

Speak Up for One Child is all about changing the world for one child. All you need is a desire to see a child lifted out of poverty.

It’s really easy to get involved. Order your pack using the form below and you will have everything you need to tell friends and family about a child who is waiting to be sponsored. It only takes a single conversation for God to stir someone into action.

“The call for advocacy is the call for all of us. I know that, once everyone rises and does their work, we can truly bring an end to extreme poverty.”

Richmond Wandera, Compassion graduate


Your Speak Up for One Child pack contains:

  • Details of a child who is waiting to be sponsored
  • Three easy steps to get started
  • Bite-sized information about Compassion and how children benefit from sponsorship
  • Inspiring films to share with others
  • You can also download a social media kit containing some great post ideas (available from a desktop browser)

We’ll be on hand to help you with ideas and questions. So, what are you waiting for? Change a life today!


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