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¡Hello! I'm Beatrice

I'm a 6 year-old girl and I live with my mother and father in Kenya.

icon birthday

My birthday is the 3rd October.

icon loves

I love drawing, clapping hands to rhythm, hide and seek and skipping.

icon education

I am in year 1 at school and my favourite subject is Art.

My Family

My Project

My Country

My Family

I have 2 sisters living with the family.

My Project

Church Partner:


Closest Major City:


Most Commonly Spoken Language:

No. of Residents:

Most Common Occupation:

Typical House Construction:

  • Roof: Leaves/Grass/Thatch, 
  • Wall: Brick/Block/Cement, 
  • Floor: Dirt

Regional Diet:

  • Beans, 
  • Cabbage, 
  • Cowpeas, 
  • Maize

Beatrice's My Country



Capital City:



48 million

Life expectancy:

male 63.1 years, female 66.1 years

Population with improved drinking water:

urban 81.6%, rural 56.8%

Population with improved sanitation:


Percentage of children under the age of 5 underweight:


Literacy Rate:

male 81.1%, female 74.9%

Child Labour:



Christian 83% (Protestant 47.7%, Catholic 23.4%, other Christian 11.9%), Muslim 11.2%, Traditionalists 1.7%, other 1.6%, none 2.4%, unspecified 0.2% (2009)

Percentage living below the poverty line:


A little bit of history

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Beatrice's project in Kenya


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