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Cruz from El Salvador

An update on Cruz

30 April

It's with very heavy hearts that we share the latest news from our colleagues in Compassion El Salvador:

"Sadly Cruz passed away on Thursday night. His life touched so many and his faith was unbreakable until the end. Cruz was brave and I’m so sure that Jesus personally embraced his soul from that room in the hospital.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. Now we just ask for prayers for Cruz’s family and the project staff who loved him dearly."

Please join us in giving thanks for Cruz's life and asking for comfort for his family.

08 April

Our Communications Specialist in El Salvador has sent us an update on Cruz - thank you so much for your faithful prayers, we've been overwhelmed by your support for him! 

Cruz was in hospital last week because of the dengue virus but praise God he has now been discharged. He was also in hospital two weeks ago because of the Synovial fluid which had built up in his legs which was preventing him from walking. 

The staff at Cruz's Compassion project have promised to keep us updated over the upcoming weeks. Please join us in continuing to pray for this courageous little boy. 


22 February

7-year-old Cruz is battling terminal leukaemia. Staff at his Compassion project in El Salvador have asked us to urgently pray for Cruz and his family.

  • Cruz and his family ask us to pray for a medical miracle. Even though doctors have given him a couple of months to live, Cruz believes that God can heal him.
  • Ask for Cruz to be free from pain during this extremely difficult time. 
  • Pray for Cruz to know God's peace and comfort.
  • Pray for Cruz's mum and wider family.

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