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A mother’s testimony of provision in the face of Zika

Brazilian mother and babyMy name is Maria Antonia, and I live in Colinas City, Maranhão state, Brazil. I’ve lived in the Trizidela community for 18 years, ever since I was born. I’ve attended the Projeto Pro-Resgate since I was with three months pregnant with my first child, Aghata Victoria, who is now 2 years old. In September 2015, I found out I was pregnant again and it was a surprise to me.

During this period, people talked a lot about microcephaly and I was scared, worried and anxious because I thought my baby and I also ran that risk. I’ve had enough guidance from my promoter at the project and also received other aid from the project. In one of the monthly meetings, I received a mosquito net for bed and repellents for the month. In the following months I kept getting repellent until the birth of my daughter. All this I received at Pro-Resgate where I and my daughters are enrolled. I used the repellent every day and also used the mosquito net when I went to bed.

I also received visits from children and adolescents from the project along with the endemics agents who carried out a campaign in the community about the importance of fighting the mosquito. On that day they came into my house, they looked at the places where water could accumulate, guided me on potted plants, on the water tanks and all that could accumulate water. They also spoke of the use of repellent and light-coloured and long clothes. Then they gave me brochures and put a green sticker on my house because there was not a focus on the mosquito.

I thank God for everything I have learnt in the project, especially in this difficult and scary period, because it is the simple things which make a big difference, especially in the lives of my daughters.

Thank God, my daughter Valentina was born healthy and she is now one month old.

I always take with me all the information and will tell other pregnant women about the importance of protecting themselves from this mosquito because it is very dangerous and can cause many diseases. I thank God for deliverance and protection.

Father, we thank you for Maria’s testimony of your provision and protection. We praise you for Valentina’s safe arrival.

Father, please protect other vulnerable young mothers in our Child Survival Programme in Brazil, El Salvador, Honduras and Colombia. Pray for expectant mothers in all areas affected by the Zika virus. 


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