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Update: Heavy rains batter Sri Lanka

28 November 2017

The storms in the Bay of Bengal have mostly cleared now. There are mild seasonal showers continuing in certain parts of the island, but these have not impacted Compassion-supported children or their families so far.

Ongoing RESPOND programme disaster funds were used to repair some of the children’s homes. The church associated with this area has also contributed funds to repair the homes of children from their centre. We are happy to report that all 263 of our children are safe and returning to their normal routines. 

Thank you for praying for the children affected by these rains in Sri Lanka.

2  November 2017

Rains in Sri Lanka are now falling at an average pace for the monsoon season. Our Compassion church partners continue to assess the impact of earlier flooding on Compassion-supported children and their families.

To date, we have confirmation that four of our church partners and 256 Compassion-assisted children have been affected.

Our church partners have requested ongoing RESPOND programme disaster funds to support roof repairs. 

Please pray for beneficiaries and their families as they make repairs and begin recovering from the rains.

20 October 2017

The teams on the ground continue to assess the impact of the heavy rains in Sri Lanka

Please pray for children and their families as they continue to recover.

16 October 2017

Heavy north east monsoon rains in Sri Lanka continue to impact our church partners and Compassion-supported children. The unprecedented rainfall and in some areas the strong winds that are affecting the children's attendance to the 3 church projects in the area.

Currently 250 Compassion-sponsored children are affected.  We will contact you directly if your sponsored child has been impacted.

Please pray for the health and safety of our Compassion-supported children in this area.


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