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39 more lives changed!

20 July 2017

Over the last few days, Revelation TV viewers have brought hope to another 39 children waiting for a sponsor! We've been overwhelmed by their generosity and willingness to empower a child in poverty. 

The 39 children were newly registered to the Revelation TV family project in Mwurire, Rwanda and we're thrilled to let you know they've all found sponsors. That's 39 more children who've been given an education, health checks, nutritious food and the love and support of their local church. Thank you so much to everyone who has changed a life!

Please consider sponsoring a waiting child from one of our other Rwandan projects. Bring hope to a child living in poverty in Rwanda.

Sponsor a child in Rwanda 

3 February 2017

We're thrilled to let you know all six waiting children have found a sponsor today! Thank you to every sponsor who has brought hope to a child in poverty. The great news is, it's not too late for you to join in. You can sponsor another waiting child in Rwanda by following the link below, or watch out for the next stage of our Revelation partnership later in the year. 

24 June 2016

Our friends at Revelation TV have been sharing about the incredible difference sponsorship makes to children living in desperate poverty. Be inspired by watching the documentary here:





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