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Compassion UK App

How do I use the Compassion UK App?

Home hub and logging in

When you first load the Compassion UK App, you’ll arrive in your home hub. Here you’ll find the latest exciting stories, videos and prayer points. On your first visit, you’ll need to follow the Welcome Tour and log in to your myCompassion account. Once you’ve logged in, your home hub will also fill with encouraging information and photos of your sponsored child.

Child hub

Click on any tile about your sponsored child and you’ll be taken through to your child hub. Your child hub contains everything you need to engage with your sponsored child. Browse through their photos, read about their life and community, discover more about what they’re learning at their Compassion project and even discover approximately how many steps you are away from them! Please note that for safeguarding purposes, we do not provide the precise location of the child or their project. Find links to write, pray and give to your child.

Letters hub

Discover when you last wrote to your sponsored and browse previous letters and cards. Choose to write a short note or card to your child and encourage them today.

Stories and prayer hub

Be inspired by the incredible part you’re playing in the wider story of releasing children from poverty. Watch the latest videos, read stories and take a moment to pray for some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Quick links to write, give and pray

Wherever you are in the Compassion app, you can click the plus button at the bottom of your screen and quickly and simply write, pray and give to your sponsored child.