sponsor a child

Why should I choose Compassion UK to sponsor a child?

We have 66 years of experience in empowering children to overcome poverty. Our world-class child sponsorship programme is the only one proven to work by independent research.

You may also be interested to know that Compassion is:

Child focused - We offer direct child sponsorship where you can make an immediate impact to the child you choose to sponsor today. Children are most vulnerable to the devastating effects of poverty. Our holistic programme gives children support in every area of their lives: their minds, bodies and relationships.

Empowering children is a highly strategic way of breaking the cycle of poverty. Real and lasting change happens when children are developed to become the adults who will create change in their community. In Compassion’s programme, children learn they are loved, they begin to develop hope for their future, and they realise that God wants to use them to help others. And these children grow up to be givers and community leaders.

Church-based - We work exclusively in partnership with local churches because they can best understand and respond to the challenges in their communities. They are known and trusted by their neighbours and are able to reach those in the greatest need.

What’s more, we believe the Church is God’s plan for a hurting world. Compassion exists to enable the Church to fulfill her mission of making disciples of all nations and caring for those in great need.

Christ-centred - Our desire to follow Jesus impacts everything we do. We’re a Christian charity offering Christian child sponsorship. We seek to follow Jesus’ example to care for the poor, but whilst Jesus' love motivates us, we help all children and families in poverty regardless of belief and children are never coerced into becoming Christians.