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Compassion Different Path Appeal

Will all donations made to the Different Path Appeal be matched by Aid Match?

Donations made within the Different Path Appeal time-frame (25 March - 24 June 2019) will be matched by the UK government, up to a limit of £2m. Now that our Different Path appeal is closed, you can still give but your donation won’t be matched by the UK government. Donations were eligible from:

  • Individuals who are residents of the UK.
  • Community groups and events, where the funding was not made on behalf of a private sector organisation.
  • Organisations such as rotary clubs, as long as the organisation is not-for-profit and all individual donors within the organisation are aware of the appeal purpose and the government match funding.
  • Trusts, as long as each individual who owns the fund agrees to the donation being made during the appeal period.

Please note:

  • Donations from corporate organisations were not eligible for doubling.
  • Donations from foundations or trusts where the funds are administered by trustees on behalf of the owners were not eligible.


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