Stop for the one

Danielle Strickland's Tale of Two.

We caught up with Danielle Strickland, to discuss God's heart for justice and why she sponsors Emerson in Haiti.

"Jesus stops for the one, he teaches about the one, he engages the one, he heals the one ... the kingdom works one at a time. That's just the process - the lost son, the lost coin, the lost sheep. This is the nature of God Himself.

I think that's one of the most powerful things about the model of Compassion. is that it's one child. So rather than just an issue that we're all going to fight together, which poverty is still and issue and we still will fight it systemically. But it's got a name and a face, there's a person here. And the one matters to God. The one lost child matters to the Lord.

There's something profound in a world that tries to blur everybody into one thing to say no, God cares about the one. That's the kingdom model.

... I can send [my sponsored child] Emerson to school ... I can give Emerson a meal. Maybe by the time Emerson is educated and fed and grows up, maybe he'll be the one that changes the world.

We have this kingdom principle which is stop for the one."

Danielle Strickland

Words by Danielle Strickland


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