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Sponsor Selfie Day: Live Feed

This Saturday, Compassion sponsors are uniting to share stories about the difference they’re making to children in poverty. Be inspired and join the global movement today!

sponsor selfie day

Share your powerful story

Join the Sponsor Selfie Day global movement by adding your story to our feed. Simply share a photo of your sponsored child on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, write why you're a sponsor in the caption and tag @CompassionUK with the hashtag #SponsorSelfieDay

Begin your sponsorship story today

If you don't already sponsor a child with Compassion, we invite you to start your sponsorship journey today. Sponsoring a child in extreme poverty is an incredible thing to do. You'll empower them by providing life-changing support including food, education, health-checks and the care of a local church. 

Your sponsorship will be a unique relationship where you’ll exchange letters with your sponsored child and see the difference you’re making over time. Meet the kids currently waiting for a sponsor and begin a friendship that is sure to change your life and theirs for the better.

Sponsor a child and bring them hope today

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