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Meet the Muskathletes

Running, cycling and trekking to change children’s lives.


In May, a team of 21 Compassion supporters are heading to Uganda to take part in the ultimate endurance challenge: a Muskathlon. The group will go on the adventure of a lifetime, meeting their sponsored children, racing around the stunning Lake Bunyonyi, whilst raising funds to change children's lives. Meet some of our Muskathletes: 


Michael BenzonMuskathlete: Michael Benzon

Muskathlon discipline: Marathon

Interesting facts: Michael has completed a Tour of Britain cycle ride and his favourite part of the country is hilly Devon! 

Reason for taking part: "I want to make a difference to children living in poverty. Making education more accessible, increasing security, improving wellbeing, and ultimately introducing them to Jesus and the love He has for them. I also love adventure, new challenges and pushing myself to the limit."

Motivation?  "Doing the Muskathlon is for something eternal. It's a chance for me to make a difference to someone else's life. Someone who has been through, or is going through things which I can't even imagine. If I have to suffer for a day, to end the daily suffering of a child in poverty then it will be worth it." 


Lucy ButcherMuskathlete: Lucy Butcher

Muskathlon discipline: Half marathon

Interesting fact: Lucy and her mum are travelling out to Uganda a day early so they can visit the project and home of the children they sponsor.

Message for someone considering a Muskathlon: "Do it! It's going to be a great physical challenge and I'm looking forward to making some new friends who share the same values in life."


Geoff AllwrightMuskathlete: Geoff Allwright 

Muskathlon discipline: 120km cycle

Interesting fact: One of two Allwrights on the trip, Geoff reckons he has experience on his side when it comes to exercise. Geoff is a mad Man City fan and has run with Lord Seb Coe. 

Motivation? "Raising funds for 10 children to be sponsored. I even asked the lady sitting next to me at the Christmas carol concert to sponsor, and she did! And not wanting to miss out on this opportunity to cycle in Uganda! 

Message for someone considering a Muskathlon: "How many people do you know who have completed a challenge in Uganda?  Be unique, be inspired."


Elizabeth LeeMuskathlete: Elizabeth Lee

Muskathlon discipline: 60km trek

Interesting fact: Elizabeth has joined the Muskathlon with her friend Cynthia. They're tempted to complete the trek as a 3-legged race.

Sacrifices made to take part: "I will have to sacrifice sleep and annual leave! As a doctor I work a lot of hours and don't get to do much before/after work. Oh, and some Netflix time!" 

Reason for being a Compassion sponsor: "My little sister has sponsored a child through Compassion since she was 10 years old- and her 25th birthday was only yesterday! Our family has been encouraged by the awesome work Compassion does throughout the years. Once I earned my first pay check as a junior doctor, I signed up to sponsor a child! And my pal did too!"


Filip NercMuskathlete: Filip Nerc

Muskathlon discipline: Marathon

Interesting fact: Filip and his wife live in Poland and will be joining 4 other athletes from their country. 

Motivation? "6 years ago I started my adventure with running. At the same time we decided to sponsor a child through Compassion. When I heard about Muskathlon, those two things came together - I can enjoy running and contribute more for the higher cause."


Susannah AshtonMuskathlete: Susannah Ashton

Muskathlon discipline: Marathon

Interesting fact: Susannah believes that through her efforts, more children will escape from poverty. 

Reason for training: "Every time you train you have that moment when you remember what you are aiming for and it does spur you on, particularly when it is cold, wet and dark!"

Sacrifices made to take part? "Lie-ins!"


Fancy setting yourself a new year's challenge by joining the group? We still have spaces left for the Uganda Muskathlon this May, plus we've just launched the Ecuador Muskathlon travelling in September 2016. 

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