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“I saw flames burning up the house”

When Larpopo lost her home, Compassion’s RESPOND ministry stepped in.

House fire in Thailand

"My name is Larpopo. I have five siblings, I am the second eldest. I am in charge of the family since my mum left to go to work. I look after my siblings, cook for them and give them food. 

One day I came back and saw flames and fire burning up the house.

The fire started when I was cooking rice. After everything was finished I went to the river to take a shower and wash clothes. Suddenly my neighbour was shouting, 'your house is burning. It’s burning up now.' 

When I came back I saw the flames and fire on the house burning up. Everyone was coming to help calm down the fire. When I closed my eyes I saw only fire. All of my pots and bowls and dishes were burnt up. 

I was very sad when this happened. I felt like I wasn’t a good leader of the house. I am in charge of the family because our family is poor, not rich. My brother is sick and my mother has no money.

When the house burnt down, Compassion wrote a letter and we received money to rebuild the house. It helped us a lot. If that person that helped me was here, I’d thank them a lot. I don’t have anything to give them except for my praise.

If it wasn’t for the donors and Compassion, it would have taken us a year to rebuild the house. But we were able to rebuild the house before the rainy season. It rains a lot here. Heavy rain.

Now I feel very happy because God has helped me. I praise because I have received a new room and God has answered my prayers."

Help us RESPOND when highly vulnerable children like Larpopo face crises.

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WORDS : Jonathan Suwaratana

PHOTOS : Jonathan Suwaratana

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