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At London Fashion Week with Charlotte Maslin Knight

Charlotte Maslin Knight talks Fashion Week and why she’s sponsored a second child.

Charlotte Maslin

With London Fashion Week in full swing, we caught up with Compassion Ambassador and Profile model, Charlotte Maslin-Knight.

This is now your sixth London Fashion Week, what’s it like to be part of one of the biggest events in the fashion calendar?

London Fashion Week is an interesting time, it’s rather frenetic with lots of castings, shows and events and it’s all gone in a flash. It is a privilege to be part of a busy and exciting experience but often it is the small interactions and the quiet moments which are most meaningful.

Fashion Week also teaches you humility. Every designer has their own vision and each vision is very different. As a model you have to accept you will never be perfect and you need to be comfortable with rejection.

To help our supporters get to know you, could you answer some quick fire questions for us?

Right now, what are you ...

Reading? The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Watching? Nadiya's British Food Adventure

Listening to? Bethel

Working on? Just finished a fun job with Rimmel, more hair jobs coming up!

Eating? Thai food from our favourite restaurant

Praying for? Guidance

Learning? International business for my Degree

Wearing? Whatever is to hand

Thankful for? My friends and family

Charlotte Maslin

What have you been up to this year?

Life has been hugely busy. We have just had our first wedding anniversary which is such a shock. It’s been a wonderful first year but it has gone so fast. I have also been working on my degree in International Business and Management at Bournemouth University. It has been great to combine this with modelling full time.

I am with Profile now and have really enjoyed all the opportunities coming my way. I’ve made my first appearance in rap video, which I am looking forward to seeing (I’m not singing though) and have also been part of a new campaign with Rimmel, which is coming out soon.

We hear you also volunteered at Big Church Day Out, what was that like?

It was fabulous. Being with everyone from Compassion, meeting so many new people and having some great conversations! It is wonderful to see children sponsored and to know it can make such a difference to their lives, their family and their community.
Tell us more about why you chose to become an ambassador for Compassion?

Our family have supported young people through Compassion for more than 35 years. We feel Compassion is a tremendous organisation providing direct, vital services to children and their families. The impact trickles down to the communities they live in as well.

Charlotte Maslin Knight

Tell us more about why you chose to become an ambassador for Compassion

Our family have supported young people through Compassion for more than 35 years. We feel Compassion is a tremendous organisation providing direct, vital services to children and their families. The impact trickles down to the communities they live in as well.

This summer you decided to sponsor a second child, we would love to hear more about him?

Yes, Jesus is an amazing 4-year-old and lives in Guatemala with his parents and sponsoring him is such a privilege. We hope through education, social and health support he will be able to achieve his full potential and be a blessing to his family, community and nation.

You lead a very busy life, why do you feel it’s important to write to your sponsored children and make time to pray for them?

We all need to feel loved and special. God cares for us in a way that goes beyond human comprehension. We want our sponsored children to know they are loved, they are unique and that their lives matter.

Can you tell us a bit more about why you sponsor with Compassion?

We know that when women and girls have access to primary education, their children are much less likely to die under the age of 5. We know education will not only impact them but their families and communities.

It is great to connect with real people, living real lives in different situations to ourselves. Hopefully through the friendship and support they will receive, they will feel valued and encouraged. I hope their time in the Compassion programme transforms their lives, the lives of their families and their communities.

Sponsorship is a connection; it’s an opportunity to give what you can and connect with someone in a special way. It is important to encourage children so that they feel valued. I believe that if children feel they are supported to do well, it’s likely they will!

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Charlotte lives in central London with her husband Joel. Together they are involved in the work of Hants and Dorset Christian Youth Camps where they met. Charlotte enjoys hospitality and Joel enjoys being active in the worship group. Charlotte is also active on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Charlotte has recently published her first book, The Beginner's Guide to Modelling

WORDS : Charlotte Maslin Knight

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