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9 amazing Christmas gift reactions you can relate to

Incredibly cute Christmas reactions from kids to make you smile.

Christmas gift reactions

What are you looking forward to most this Christmas? Gathering with friends? Enjoying a delicious meal? Serving others? We can all rejoice and celebrate the fact that Christmas is about Jesus and the good news He brings.

As you count down, here are 9 Christmas gift reactions from kids we can all relate to. When you sponsor a child, you really do bring them joy!

opening Christmas present

1. The struggle when there’s too much tape around your present

2. The awkward moment when you're carol singing and your friend goes in for a second verse. 

Indonesian girls

3. The moment when your friend tells you the shops have closed. 

babies eating wrapping paper

4. When shiny paper and trailing ribbon looks good enough to eat

opening Christmas presents in Ghana

5. The sheer joy when you receive the present you really wanted.

funny baby expressions

6. Trying to hide your disappointment when your friend gets that present instead.

bolivian baby

7. The satisfaction of rocking your new hat on Christmas day.

toy phone

8. That moment when you realise you have to ring all your relations to say thank you.

Christmas in Indonesia

9. The fun knowing you can leave everything to the Boxing Day clear up.

Can’t wait to unwrap your gifts? As a special thank you, here’s an early present from us to you. Download your free stunning Bible verses > 

WORDS : Emily Laramy

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