Going Above and Beyond: 6 Ways Your Sponsorship is Making a Difference

As we look towards a new year, discover how your sponsorship is empowering children and young people in ways you may not realise.

By supporting Compassion in 2023, you’ll bring stability and security to children, their families and communities across the world.  Through your child sponsorship, you’ll provide life-changing support including nutritious food, access to education and regular health checks.

While these are all amazing tangible benefits, there’s so much more that goes on behind the gates of church-based Compassion projects around the world.

Here are six ways your sponsorship will help the local church go above and beyond in 2023!

1. Education which extends beyond school

A girl holding up a display she made at her Compassion project

As well as providing the opportunity to access education, your sponsored child will also follow a specially designed Compassion curriculum which has been tailored to their age and local context. These classes are run through the local church and are different to the education children receive at school as it emphasises practical application, for example, instead of learning maths, children learn how to apply mathematical skills.

For local church partners that are able to meet in person, these classes will be held as part of the regular project activities that typically take place on Saturdays. For churches in areas where COVID-19 remains prevalent, the church will offer home-based or distance learning to your sponsored child.

2. Healthcare that goes the distance

A vist to the dentist in El Salvador

Thanks to your sponsorship, your sponsored child receives regular medical check-ups. But what happens if they face a health emergency?

Thanks to health interventions, we can provide children with quality medical care, including life-saving surgery, cancer treatment and more.

This enables us to provide proactive and reactive, empowering our church partners to run life-saving malnutrition, HIV and malaria awareness programmes to stop children from getting sick in the first place.

Bintang is one child who benefited from life-saving heart surgery. Her father, Steven, shares: “I can’t believe there were people [Compassion sponsors] willing to help our daughter. It broke our hearts; because we had no idea about the surgery fee [and] we were thinking that Bintang probably wouldn’t be able to recover from her illness.”

Bintang and her friends wearing their school uniforms and jumping off a low wall.

Bintang (far left) made a full recovery and is once again able to play with her friends at the Compassion project.

3. Care from the local church

A family in Colombia holding a food parcel they received from the local church

The beauty of working with the local church means the church never truly closes. Even when our local church partners couldn’t meet in person due to Covid restrictions, they continued to serve children and families in their care through the delivery of food parcels, phone and video calls and socially distanced home visits to provide learning materials.

For Rachel, mum to Pacifique, in Rwanda, “I was so excited that the project remembered us during this pandemic and gave us food. I give God the glory. We were given maize flour, beans, cooking oil, soap, and sugar. As a mother, I was very happy that my children were not going to die of hunger.”

4. A dedicated member of staff

Elías with his Compassion tutor

Did you know that every Compassion-supported child has a tutor who they know they can always go to for support and encouragement?

An amazing bunch of people, tutors show such sacrificial service in how they care for the children. Commonly teachers by profession, many of them could be earning significantly more money working in a private school but instead they’ve chosen to serve the poorest of the poor.

“I believe that a tutor’s responsibility doesn’t finish after project hours, says Xavier, a project tutor in Bangladesh. “I help them to understand their studies. They feel comfortable with me because I allow them to ask questions. All of us have a lot of fun with these kids. It is really great to see the smile and curiosity on the faces of these little angels.”

Xavier teaching a group of children outside

5. An incredible ripple effect

malaria nets in Uganda

The beauty of working with local people means every family is known and loved. As well as individual home visits, Compassion local church partners also hold special meetings for parents and caregiver where they run sessions on parenting skills, child protection, malaria awareness or good hygiene practice.

When Kedes and her husband Fred fell into difficult times, the pastor came alongside them to encourage them not to give up.

As Kedes explains, “The pastor has been praying for me and praying with me. I remember when I had my last born child, my economic situation was very difficult. The pastor brought clothes for my child and also came to pray with me.  The church takes good care of the children. They get good nutritional food on their [Compassion] project day. They learn the word of God and other skills. I take this opportunity to thank the church for standing with me.”

6. Equipped for the future

Hairdressing training in Ethiopia

When your sponsored child reaches the age of 13, they begin to work through a guide called ‘My Plan for Tomorrow.’ With support from their tutor, young people are encouraged to identify and explore their skills and interests to help them set goals and make plans. Once a young person has identified their talents and interests they are also supported with vocational training opportunities, extra tutoring support or additional educational opportunities to help them make these dreams a reality.

Compassion graduate Sameson was able to set up his own woodworking business using the skills he learnt at his Compassion project. Sameson explains, “I am most grateful that through Compassion I studied woodworking. God sent Compassion to brighten my future.”

Woodwork workshop

Today Sameson is giving back and teaching woodworking skills to the next generation of Compassion-supported children.

Thank you

Children in Mexico learning a dance

As we step into a new year, we’re so thankful for your continued care and support. By sponsoring a child with Compassion in 2023, you’re making an incredible difference by providing them with safety and stability so they can reach their God-given potential.

Emily Laramy

Words by Emily Laramy


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