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3 reasons your Compassion Sunday will make a difference

“I owe it all to the person who spoke up on my behalf.”

Girl on swing in Colombia

My name is Jane' Alam. On 18 December 1990, a (handsome!) boy was born to a young couple in a slum of 10,000 people.

My mum and dad had so many hopes for me. But they realised that poverty stood in their way.


Formerly sponsored child Jane with his mum


We lived in an area that used to be a horse stable – our house was 8 foot by 10 foot, smaller than some toilets. I can remember waiting for my father to come back from a day looking for work to see if we would eat that evening, or if we’d go to bed with water.

At a very early age I was exposed to the harsh realities of life. I saw friends dying of malaria, dengue and diarrhoea. I saw my little sister crying because there was no food for her.

But then something changed.

I was registered into a Compassion project and found a sponsor. By joining this year’s Compassion Sunday in September, you can help do the same for the next child in poverty. You'll make an extraordinary difference:


1. You’ll change another life

As soon as I was sponsored, I became the first in a slum of 10,000 to go to school. The course of my life was not the same again. I received health care. When I was 8 years old I would have died of diarrhoea if the Compassion project hadn't intervened so quickly. 

And I owe it all to someone who had a grateful, servant heart. I owe it to someone who had the courage to share my child profile, probably at a church event. I owe it to the person who spoke up on my behalf and encouraged a man called Tom to become my sponsor.


Sri Lankan girl smiling


By joining this year’s Compassion Sunday, you can do the same for the next child. Even if you introduce just one child to a sponsor, you’ll have changed a life like mine!


2. You’ll impact a whole family

My sponsor had an incredible impact on my whole family. One day I came home from school and I was so excited because I taught my mum and dad how to write their names. I’ve been able to support my sister through her education because of the help one sponsor gave me. My family also received hygiene supplies through the project, when they were sick, the project helped out. 


Compassion family


When you speak up on behalf of a child waiting for a sponsor, don't underestimate the wider impact you'll be making on a family living in poverty. 


3. You’ll be a part of God’s plan to tackle injustice

My story has now come full circle. Last year I started sponsoring a little girl from the very same community I grew up in. She lives with her 19-year-old mum in a disused drainpipe. I am amazed how God has worked and I’m so grateful that I have the privilege of being her sponsor.

I believe God uses Compassion sponsors to bring more of His Kingdom and His justice to earth.


Children running in Rwanda


Join me this Compassion Sunday, share about sponsorship with your church or family and friends and find a sponsor for a child in poverty. Play a part in God’s bigger plan to tackle injustice.


Speak up for children this Compassion Sunday


Jane Alam is a formerly sponsored child whose life was changed thanks the generosity of one Compassion sponsor. Be inspired by his full story here>

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