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3 reasons kids in Colombia can’t wait until Christmas

The kids in our projects are getting excited.

Christmas excitement

Do you remember the excitement of Christmas when you were young? Sleepless nights on Christmas Eve, the thrill of seeing the presents under the Christmas tree and sharing special times with family and friends.

Although they may not have chocolate advent calendars, here’s three reasons why our kids are starting to get excited as the countdown to Christmas continues!

The photos below are from our project in San Onofre, Colombia. Last year, they held the first-ever Christmas celebration for children in the community. Poverty is rife in San Onofre and people live without safe drinking water and electricity. Most homes are made from recyclable materials and families can’t afford to buy clothes or gifts for their children at Christmas.


1. A big party!

Singing Christmas songs


Project parties have plenty of games, shows, dancing and singing for the children to enjoy. Here, the kids from San Onofre are ready to sing carols to their friends.


2. A delicious Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner in Colombia


Every project serves up a special Christmas dinner. This was the highlight of the day for many of the kids in San Onofre last year. 


3. A thoughtfully chosen present

Christmas presents


Every child receives a Christmas gift at their party, carefully selected by project staff who understand their individual needs. 

Here’s what the children in San Onofre had to say about their Christmas celebration:

Eight-year-old Lina Durán: “My gift is a beautiful dress that I will wear when I arrive at home today. I also received a t-shirt and shorts. I enjoyed the party. What I liked the most was the food.”

Seven-year-old Vanessa Julio: “I had not ever received a Christmas gift. I received trousers and a pair of sandals. I want to thank my sponsor. I love him. I will pray for my sponsor every day, wishing him to have a merry Christmas. I enjoy the Christmas celebration, especially the food that was delicious.”

This Christmas, every Compassion project will throw a party for children and their families. Help us give these children the best Christmas they’ve ever had by donating to our Christmas Appeal today.


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WORDS : Richard Murphy

PHOTOS : Lina Marcela Alarcon

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