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10 ways Compassion children celebrate Easter

From tooth brushing competitions to kite flying, we look at Easter traditions from around the world.

Children running in Burkina Faso

From tooth brushing competitions to kite flying, we look at Easter traditions and how Compassion-supported children are celebrating. 


Kites in Haiti

In Haiti, kids have the freedom to spend Good Friday playing outdoors. On this day colourful kites fill the sky and children run long distances, often barefoot, trying to get their kite higher than their friends.


Brushing teeth in Indonesia

Slightly unconventional, but these kids in Indonesia are celebrating Easter with a tooth brushing competition! At their project in the east of the country, staff organise fun games which have educational benefits.  


Easter in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, Easter is called Fasika and marks the end of a 55-day fast during which Christians have only eaten one vegetarian meal a day. Ethiopians will often break their fast after church by eating injera (a type of bread) or teff pancakes, made from grass flour.

El Salvador

In El Salvador, Easter has a summer time feel as it falls in the middle of their dry season.

Easter in El Salvador

On Good Friday communities make rug-like paintings on the streets with sand and sawdust. These later become the path for processions and main avenues and streets are closed.


Ghanaians dress in certain colours to mark the different days of Easter. On Good Friday, depending on the church, men and women will either dress in dark mourning clothes or bright colours. On Easter Sunday everyone wears white. 

Easter in Ghana

For 14-year-old Leticia, “Easter assures me of the love God has for me to sacrifice His only son for me. And also that Jesus agreed to die for me because He also loves me.”   


In Brazil, we caught up with 11-year-old Renan who shared why he celebrates Easter.

Renan from Brazil

Why do we celebrate Easter?
Renan: It’s the resurrection of Jesus.
Who is Jesus?
Renan: He’s my Saviour.
Does everyone need Jesus?
Renan: Yes! Everyone!
Why does everyone need Jesus?
Renan: Because if a person has a problem, Jesus can fix it.


Easter in Kenya

On Easter Sunday, kids in Kenya look forward to a sumptuous Easter meal after church (Easter services are known to last for three hours!). Children share Nyama Choma (roasted meat) and have a soft drink with their meal – a real treat! 


Easter in Guatemala

In Guatemala, Easter is a large, colourful celebration marked by countless processions. The main roads are closed, and the sound of music rings through the streets. 

Special food is prepared such as curtido (a diced vegetable mix which is cooked in vinegar to achieve a sour taste), fish, eggs, chickpeas, fruit mix, pumpkin, pacaya palm and spondias fruit (a Spanish version of a plum.)


Easter in Colombia

In Colombia, Compassion projects put on different activities every year. These kids are taking part in an Easter parade by dressing up as biblical characters. The parade is part of a Bible camp run by the project during Holy Week.


Easter in Uganda

Easter in Uganda is celebrated on the same day as the UK. Compassion-supported children enjoy participating in activities including Easter plays and concerts at their churches. At some projects the staff also arrange special treats such as a picnic.

Food is an important part of Easter celebrations in Uganda and families will prepare a special meal of Ugali (a dough-like consistency made from maize flour), potatoes, beans, chicken or goat.

From everyone at Compassion UK, may you and your family have a Happy Easter.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

WORDS : Emily Laramy, Becca Corbett

PHOTOS : Compassion International


Article Comments

Lovely to see all the happy children, well done Compassion !

My comment is in the subject slot! Happy Easter!
13 April 2017 |  Author : Gilian Farley
Article Comments


Lovely to see all the happy children, well done Compassion !

My comment is in the subject slot! Happy Easter!
13 April 2017 |  Author : Gilian Farley
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